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General Questions

Where is Unleash the Power Within being held this year?

The biggest, most spectacular, most impactful UPW that Singapore has ever seen, Tony’s firewalk weekend is set to return to Singapore Expo, even bigger and better.

Singapore Expo

1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

How do I qualify for 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ?

(a) To qualify for the money back guarantee, you must register and attend Unleash the Power Within 2019.

(b) The money back guarantee is available to attendees between 16.00 and 20.00 (Singapore Time) on the 6th September 2019. Requests made outside of these times stated will not be provided with a money back guarantee.

(c) To activate the money back guarantee, the attendee must speak to a Tony Robbins lead trainer first. If after this conversation the attendee still wishes to activate the money back guarantee then they must hand in their ticket, workbook and have their wristband cut off by a member of the Success Resources team. If this process is not adhered to then no money back guarantee will be provided.

(d) The refund will be equivalent to the monies received from the purchaser for the seminar, minus any handling and booking fees. A full and complete refund of the investment will be made to the purchaser within 30 working days from the conclusion of Unleash the Power Within 2019

(e) If you have purchase the tickets from any of our partners such as SISTIC or APACTIX, the refund to you will be the equivalent of the funds received by Success Resources Singapore PTE LTD from Pay Right minus any fees Pay Right have charged Success Resources Singapore PTE LTD. Once the fees have been deducted, the remaining balance will be made to the purchaser within 30 working days from the conclusion of Unleash the Power Within 2019.

(f) If you have purchase the tickets from our overseas distributing partner, please proceed to their individual Booth during the event to process the refund request.

(g) If you qualify for and are to receive a money back guarantee, any complimentary tickets and bonuses not yet issued as a part of your Unleash the Power Within 2019 program become null and void.

(h) If you qualify for and are to receive a money back guarantee, the value of any complimentary or bonus tickets already used will be deducted from the total amount of money to be returned to you

Will Tony be there in person?

Absolutely! UPW is Tony's cornerstone event and he is totally committed to being there for you.

Is Tony on stage every day?

Tony is there to build you up to the firewalk on Day 1 and is there for the full Day 3 - the all-important Transformation Day. His Senior Head Trainer, Joseph McClendon III, takes you through days 2 & 4, the Success Conditioning & Energy days.

Is it OK to bring children?

The Unleash the Power Within program contains adult language and themes and is recommended for attendees aged 16 years and over. Due to the adult language and themes we do not allow children aged 10 or under to attend. Attendance by children aged 11-16 is only with parent or guardian discretion and they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Can I bring a pram to the event?

No - Strollers, prams, baby capsules or umbrellas longer than 30cm when in the closed position are prohibited inside the event. Important NB: Children aged 10 or under are NOT permitted to attend the event.

Can I bring a bag into the venue?

Backpacks and any bags larger than 30cm x 30cm are not permitted into the venue at all. To help you carry your workbook, snacks etc you will be given a regulation size tote bag at the venue if required.

Registration Questions

What time is the event?

More registration details will be shared near to the event's date.

  • Friday 6 September 2019 - 10:30 am – 11:30 pm
  • Saturday 7 September 2019 - 8:45 am – 10:30 pm
  • Sunday 8 September 2019 - 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
  • Monday 9 September 2019 - 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Doors open at 8:15am sharp on Friday.

Where do I go to register when I arrive at the venue?

You will need to go to the registration counter according to your ticket class, for example if you are a GOLD ticket holder then you will need to go to the GOLD Registration counter. Our friendly Crew will be able to direct you through the various registration steps when you arrive.

What do I need to bring to registration?

Everyone must bring their e-ticket along to registration, if you don't have your e-ticket you will not be able to register; this is your entry into the event. Please print off your e-ticket and bring it along to the event. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone, you can show the e-ticket on your mobile screen, we will be able to scan the barcode off your phone. Please also bring along ID, you will need to present this along with your ticket at registration.

Prior to the event you will also be sent a waiver form for the Firewalk on Thursday night. To speed things up for you at registration it's recommended that you print & complete this form before arriving at the event

In summary, bring with you:

  • E-Ticket printed or on smart phone
  • ID - must be presented with your ticket at registration
  • Firewalk waiver form - print, complete & bring along to the event
  • A pen to write in your notebook
  • Warm jacket or coat
  • Snacks - please refer to 'Venue Questions' for the special conditions for food permitted at the event

What do I get at Registration?

At registration you will receive your:

  • Event workbook
  • Wristband - this must be worn throughout the event, this is your entry into the event.
  • Name badge - this must be worn throughout the event
  • 10% Discount Voucher for purchasing Tony Robbins products

Is the seating individually allocated?

No, all seating is unreserved in all seating sections. This means you can sit anywhere you like within your specific ticket class seating section.

I have booked a group of tickets, can we all sit together?

The seating is unreserved, you and your group will need to arrive early so you can try and get seats together.

What if I arrive late, can I still register?

Yes you can, the registration desk will be open for the entire event, but we encourage you to get there as soon as you can.

I need special seating, can this be arranged?

Yes, we have allocated seating in each section for clients that need special attention. You'll need to notify us via email at [email protected]. On the day of the event, please come to Customer Service after you have registered and our team can support you with this.

Ticket Questions

What are the ticket classes?

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Solitaire

For ticket class benefits please visit the pricing section of our website

When will I receive my e-ticket?

Your e-ticket will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the event. Tickets will be emailed to each of the ticket holders. Each ticket holder must have a unique email address. If we do not have your details, we cannot send your ticket. Every ticket holder must have their ticket to register for the event.

If I have bought more than one ticket, do I need to let Success Resources know who my guests are?

Yes, you do! We MUST receive the details of each of your ticket holders prior to the event - name, email & phone number. We will NOT issue you the tickets unless we have this information.

Due to the regulations for the firewalk activity that takes place at the event we MUST have every ticket holder's name, email and phone number. If we don't have these details then they cannot participate in this activity. This is the highlight of the event so we want to make sure all of your ticket holders can take part in the firewalk.

If my ticket holder changes do I need to let Success Resources know?

Yes, we must have all updated and correct information for ALL Ticket holders. You can let us know at [email protected]

Please visit the UPW Terms and Conditions to see the available options for transferring tickets as not all tickets are transferable

Can I work out a payment plan?

Yes, payments plans are available and can be tailored to suit your needs. To find out what's best for you please call +65 6299 4677.

Can I purchase a single day ticket? I think my friend can benefit from Day 3

Although the event is likely to be sold out, tickets can be purchased at the venue throughout the event. However, there are no ‘single day tickets’ as such and a full event purchase must be made to gain entry.

Event Questions

What should wear to the event?

Please dress comfortably, making sure you bring a sweater or jacket to each session, as the room can become quite chilly. At Tony’s request, the temperature in the arena can fluctuate from cool to quite warm, depending on how much activity is going on. We suggest you dress in layers to accommodate a range in temperature so that you’re comfortable at all times.

Can I leave the venue during the event?

Yes, you can as long as you have your wristband and name badge on and your ticket with you, this gives you access in and out of the venue over the 4 days. Your ticket will be scanned each time you enter the venue, so you must hold on to your ticket for the 4 days, keep this safe!

Can I take photos or video or record any of the event?

No. All cameras are prohibited at the event. While smartphones are allowed into the venue, absolutely no video recording is permitted.

How many meal breaks are there each day?

Tony only breaks once a day. He has a lot of content to get through over the 4 days. You are welcome to leave the event room at any time to grab a snack. There are plenty of food facilities onsite and all food and drinks purchased at the venue can be brought inside the main room.

Venue Questions

Are there eating places onsite at the venue?

Yes, the venue has eating places inside at Singapore Expo & also in close proximity to the venue.

Any food or drink purchased inside the venue can be brought inside the arena.

But note: If you wish to bring commercial food purchased outside of the venue into the venue, eg: muesli bars, cookies, nuts, etc, you must remove all packaging and transfer it into a plastic container or ziplock bag.

NO metal containers are allowed, which includes aluminium food or drink vessels. Only plastic is permitted.

Can I take food and drink inside the event?

Yes, you can bring hot or cold food and drinks inside. Any food or drink purchased inside the venue can be brought inside the arena.

Please note items you cannot take in:

  • No glass containers, bottles or metal containers
  • No alcoholic beverages, commercial packaged food, chewing gum, illegal substances of any kind
  • No commercial food purchased outside of the venue into the venue unless you remove all packaging and place inside a plastic container or ziplock bag.

Will there be facilities onsite to refill bottled water?

Yes there are water coolers available throughout the venue for you to refill your water bottle.

Can I store items in the Venue Cloakroom?

No, items cannot be stored onsite. You must drop off and leave any luggage or prohibited items at your hotel before coming to the venue.

Don't forget to read the Prohibited items to ensure your belongings will not be turned away at entry to the venue.

Transport Questions

How can I get to the venue?

Car - Parking:

Singapore Expo is surrounded by car parks with an approximate cost of $20.00 per day for Cars and Light Good Vehicles and $35.00 for Heavy Vehicles and Buses. For more information go to the Singapore Expo site

Train and Bus:

Singapore Expo has its own station which is 5-10 minutes' walk from the venue. The station is on the Green and Downtown Line - Expo.

For more transport options see here

Diamond & Solitaire Clients Questions

What services will be available in the Diamond Lounge?

The Diamond Difference provides an environment reserved for the select few with a shared purpose and commitment to the Best of the Best.

It begins from the moment you arrive - you're welcomed at registration by the dedicated crew at the Diamond Lounge. After relaxing you receive priority event access, escorted to the reserved seating directly in front of the stage.

Features of the Diamond Lounge include:

  • Priority access into the room each day - make sure you arrive early each morning to get priority
  • Your own barista - top up and relax with a free coffee or tea anytime
  • Concierge service. Need to arrange taxis or hotel bookings? You'll have enough on your mind without worrying about those sundry chores - unburden yourself.

Plus, you'll mingle with other individuals who, like you, are determined to experience the very best that life has to offer in every aspect of their business and personal lives.

Can I bring a friend into the Diamond Lounge who doesn't have a Diamond Ticket?

No, the Diamond Lounge is for Solitaire and Diamond guests only.

Are there dairy free, gluten free or vegan meals available?

Yes, these meals are available. Our friendly staff inside the lounge can assist you.

What days are the meals provided in the Diamond Lounge?

Meals are provided on days 2, 3 & 4. The barista is open each day of the event.

What times are the meals?

The meal times vary each day. The staff in the lounge will give you estimated meal time but please note this is not confirmed and may change on the day.

Is the Diamond Lounge open for the duration of the event?

Yes, the lounge is open for the duration of the event; you can enjoy the lounge benefits all day each day of the event.


What steps are taken regarding security at UPW?

To ensure the security of all our attendees, only authorised persons are permitted to enter the event. To this end, all persons and parcels will go through a security screening upon arrival at the event.

Also, all persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to screening/security checks at this entry point and also within the event.

Note that we reserve the right not to allow any bag, parcel or other item to be brought into the event and to deal with any unattended object in such a way as we consider appropriate.


Credentials and other entitlements are non-transferable and void if altered.